Providing A Helping Hand for Families in Crisis.

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It's the least we can do for those who gave the most. Let's bring our HEROES home for GOOD. 

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This training is perfect for emerging apostles, existing apostles, or those Graced with an apostolic anointing

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AYM High Musique - Amaze Yourself Moments teaches women, young adults, and couples to AYM High & Conquer! Facing the toughest challenges in finances, spiritual walk, health, and pursuing dreams.


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Our programs are inspiring, uplifting, motivating, educational, informative, and heartfelt for all our listeners. The purpose is to glorify God and edify You!


Are you interested in airing your sermons, getting your music played as an independent artist, advertising your services or business on KWAY?

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McDonald Yancey, Owner/Station Manager

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